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Ep. 22 - Staff to Freelance: Skills for Success

July 25, 2022 Ricky & Piotr Season 1 Episode 22
Cut to Reveal
Ep. 22 - Staff to Freelance: Skills for Success
Show Notes

In this episode, Ricky and Piotr discuss the skills needed to successfully transition and thrive from a staff position into freelance.  It's more than just code-breaking and bow staff skills, people!  We talk about time management, book keeping, negotiating & more fun things.
AND If that isn't mind-blowing enough, we then play movie/ tv trivia in "The Game!"

Here's our list of important skills to know when becoming a freelancer: - Time Managing 
- Book keeping
- Negotiating
- Networking
- Clear Communicating
- Listening/ paying attention to detail
- Patience
- Humility - don’t take anything personally

Bonus tips: - Figure out WHAT is it that you actually want to work on
- And WHO do you want to work for
- Deliver proof of work if you pitch clients (and you should): Solve a problem for them.

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