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Ep. 27 | Halloween Special!

October 31, 2022 Ricky & Piotr Season 1 Episode 27
Cut to Reveal
Ep. 27 | Halloween Special!
Show Notes

Welcome to the very first CTR holiday episode - the Halloween Special!  Piotr and Ricky are joined by editor Erwann Kerroc'h to talk about horror films, play a Halloween edition of The Game and Piotr reveals some exciting upgrades to The Editing Chef program.  Plus, we ponder why Halloween is so big in the US compared to Europe and Erwann shows us just how much we DON'T know about horror films.

Check out the special Halloween SFX site from Soundly (while it lasts) here -

Here are links to some trailers of the movies we talked about:

X --
Silence of The Lambs --
Deadly Stream --
Barbarian --

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